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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject [No Subject]
Date Tue, 05 Dec 1995 07:40:10 GMT

On Mon, 4 Dec 1995, Chuck Murcko wrote:  
> Said Rather Large computer software/hardware vendor refused to have their 
> logo coexist with "powered by Apache" on my sites here. Read the contract 
> carefully; here they have final say over the layout of the page they appear 
> on. 

I guess we're talking about a different company.  :)

Okay, reality check here - conversation is still underway, my contact is
basically doing the engineering sweeps week thing (IETF/W3O) so there won't
be much until the end of the month and a machine isn't likely until late
Jan/Feb timeframe. 

My questions to the list aside, it's now clear we don't have to incorporate
or anything to do this deal - it's on a more personal level, between me and
my contact (not even involving Organic), there probably won't be any contract
or legal document, just a long-term loan and my signature on a piece of paper
at said company.  I guess this is more informal than I made it out to
sound... informal is good, informal means that they can't request anything
from us other than to be on the page itself, and if people are concerned that
informal means the machine could disappear anytime, well, we'll handle that
when/if it happens.  Organic could scrounge up some spare iron in an
emergency - but I really don't think that's likely.  Frankly I'm more excited
about what this could lead *to* rather than what it is, itself. 

It's all still in the air, so I suggest we not talk about this too much 
more.  Sounds like most people are for it, there are other things we'd 
like, but that's no reason not to accept what's given to us on acceptible 

Organic's working on the bandwidth problem.  Anyone want to spare 
$30K for a T3 CSU/DSU?  :)


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