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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: Number of Virtual Servers
Date Tue, 19 Dec 1995 14:02:36 GMT
> > > This raises a good point. Is the fix for this as simple as changing
> > > the log modules to open and close the file before writing?
> >
> >        It is, yes, but I fear the performance hit. For *every* hit on
> >the web server you'll then have an open/write/close, rather than just
> >a write.. 
> >        I think that if you have large #s of virtual hosts then you
> >should use mod_log_config to create one log file and then parse it
> >daily or something.
> Absolutely! This is the only way to go.
> _However_, if you change your log-file format, then you need your own
> ad hoc log file parser. This is a big dis-incentive for many admins.

We could supply a burster which split the log into one per host.

> What we need is a new log file format; CLF 3. Here are my suggestions:
> 1. A new field for the virtual host. "-" if the server has only one host
>    or if the host is the 'main' host.
>    The virtual host is _either_ that specified by the <VirtualHost> directive,
>    _or_ the value of the Host: header in the request.
> 2. The date be in the ISO format, so that date comparisons can be done by
>    string comparisons.

You mean the one with lots of digits and a Z?

> 3. The fixed length fields should be at the start of a log record, to
>    aid parsing.
> What to the NCSA folks think about this?
>  David.



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