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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject FreeBSD segfault...
Date Tue, 19 Dec 1995 11:32:31 GMT

	gcc/freebsd2.1/apache1.0.0 and a module curry tasting like

Module asis_module        mod_asis.o
#Module imap_module        mod_imap.o
Module imap_module        mod_imap_new.o
Module counter_module     mod_counter.o
Module action_module      mod_actions.o
#Module msql_auth_module   mod_auth_msql.o

causes problems for Mark Stout <>.  Each access promots an
error_log entry:

[Mon Dec 18 00:08:25 1995] httpd: caught SIGSEGV, dumping core" on

No core is available, I asked him to 'find / -name \*core -print' -

I copied his server setup (conf and all) on my SunOS machine but there
was no error at access time.  I'm getting him to recompile his server
adding each funky module selectively till the break happens, and he'll
get back to me later today.

I'm also doing the same on a tame FreeBSD box.

More later.


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