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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: 64.auth_type
Date Mon, 18 Dec 1995 17:33:36 GMT
> > 64.auth_type wasn't accepted; it wasn't voted on. This is a
> > significant bug which makes Apache look bad; can folks _please_ vote on it?
> > 
> >  David
> What is the question?  +1 for 64.auth_type to go into 1.0.1, or +1 for
> 64.auth_type to go into 1.1.0b1?
> In the mean time people please let me know what you think of 1.0.1 as is.
> Does it need the false-votes stripped out?  If so, then I'm happy to rebuild
> it 'at my own expense', as it were. ;)
> On another topic.
> The concern that the latest *stable* (non-beta) release is functionally
> complete is going to lead us down the path of constantly retreading
> 1.0.1, 1.0.2, 1.0.3 for every desirable but non-critical patch that
> comes along...
> 	[64.auth_type may be fixing *really* broken behaviour, I'm not
> 	leveling the observation at this specific patch]
>'s clearly a grey area about which David and I disagree; I'm quite
> happy to be re-educated, it's just a little confusing at the moment.
> Ay.

I think the criteria for 1.0.x patches is the same as for 0.8.x patches - they
must be bug fixes and not features. I think every bug fix should be considered
as a candidate for 1.0.x, and only left out if it doesn't work. Leaving them
to drift until they bite someone badly will just cause even more 1.0.x
versions, not less. I think the "show-stopper" only policy is misguided.

So, I have additional votes (to be used if further voting is in order, which,
if we are to avoid an instant 1.0.2, it must surely be):

23.mmap					-1
	This is a feature. If it is considered to be a bugfix for the deletion
	of the scoreboard, it doesn't work (SCO 3 doesn't have mmap).
57a.recurse				0
58.initgroups				+1
59.scoreboard_race			+1
60.licence_typo				+1
61.preserve_redirected_query		+1
62.escape_html				0
63.unixware				+1
64.auth_type				+1
67.setrlimit_define_for_sunos		+1

As before, if the 0s need votes I will test them.



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