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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: Set AUTH_TYPE in CGI scripts
Date Thu, 14 Dec 1995 15:58:21 GMT
> > When do we want to call a halt and get this fix out?  Any objections to
> > doing it over the weekend.  Rob H, Roy F, and a bunch of other people
> > won't be around to vote, but I think the mandate is to just get on with
> > it.
> Soon. I would like to see us stop accepting patches after some time
> today. Voting has been proceeding anyway. Most of the patching flurry
> appears to me to belong in 1.1b0.
> At the very least, a couple of the patches should be publically 
> available. Based on the votes I have seen and my impression of 
> severity of the problem, I have supplied copies of patches 57a and
> 59 in dist/patches. Shoot me. (someone has to be the bad boy when
> Rob is gone....)
> > Ay (now wishing it wasn't the end of the week).
> > 
> You're the master of cerimonies. You make the call on when
> to wrap this thing.

I'm calling a halt to any new patches turning up in for_Apache_1.0.0.
Send in yer votes asap, no functional enhancements or other funkies
pass, we're *only* dealing with showstoppers please.

Voting closes Friday afternoon US time (that's Friday night where I
live).  I'll add the votes up on Saturday morning and build it too.
Should be available for people to play with till Monday morning when we
decide about what/how to put it on

Any comments, changes you want to make to this anyone?


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