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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: UnixWare 2.x patch
Date Thu, 14 Dec 1995 09:57:43 GMT
> Here's a patch to get Apache compiled on UnixWare 2.x. Like Ben and
> others have said in the past, rfc931.c needs to get rewritten, so I have
> opted not to touch conf.h, only Configuration and rfc931.c. I would
> recommend considering this a temporary measure, pending rewrite of
> rfc931.c.


Now in for_Apache_1.0.0/63.unixware.patch and ready for voting.

1)	get voting, if you haven't already, and remember to in clude 63.*
	in your considerations.

2)	I'll add the votes up.  who feels brave enough to build the beast
	(I can do this too, but I dun't want to seem greedy ;)

3)	Tony S's rfc931.c rewrite looks like a candidate for 1.1.0a1, so
	I didn't put it in.

4)	David's 23.mmap.patch has turned up in 1.0.0.  I'm not sure
	that it should be there for reasons I've already explained.  It's
	ideal for 1.1.0a1

Comments (and votes) please.


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