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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: One more patch for 1.0.0
Date Wed, 13 Dec 1995 15:34:31 GMT
> My impression of "where we are it" is this...
> 1.0 is out the door and we are all holding our breath to see
> how it goes.
> The holidays are upon us, so time is probably best spent setting
> up CVS and kicking around other ideas for the 1.1. (CVS underway)
> There are some patches in the 1.1b1 directory that could use some
> feedback.
> We have some serious 1.0 bugs that need to be (and have been) addressed.
> We need a vote.
> The sky is not falling...
> Andrew was your request a call for votes, or a call for a call for votes?

Buh.  Probably.  Er...

We have one more UnixWare patch promised this evening after that get
a-votin'.  For the record here's my votes to date:

+1	54.quiet_log_modules_when_not_configured.patch
+1	57a.recurse.patch
+1	58.initgroups.patch
+1	59.scoreboard_race.patch

	Can't test this on my own sites, they're not busy enough!  Seems
	essential though. ;)

+1	60.licence_typo.patch
-1	61.preserve_redirected_query.pache

	cf: rst's several points on improving the patch

+1	62.escape_html.patch

	should be in for_Apache_1.1.0b1 but I'm tired of whining.
	David, have you bought into the idea of having two source trees
	or not.  If not then say so and people can start finding a more
	equitable way of managing this process.



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