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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Patches for 1.0.0 (and my votes)
Date Tue, 12 Dec 1995 20:52:55 GMT


	we now have 5 patches to go in for_Apache_1.0.0:

From: (Randy Terbush)
Subject: Silence mod_log_referer and mod_log_agent if not configured
Affects: mod_log_agent.c mod_log_referer.c mod_cookies.c
ChangeLog: Silence mod_log_referer and mod_log_agent if not configured
From: (David Robinson)
Subject: Trap recursive includes
Affects: util.c
ChangeLog: Trap recursive includes.
Comments: Recursive includes can occur if the client supplies PATH_INFO data
          and the server provider uses relative links; as
          file.html relative to /doc.shtml/pathinfo is
From: (Ben Laurie)
Subject: initgroups() stand in did not initialise or clean up
Affects: util.c
Changelog: The replacement for initgroups() did not call {set,end}grent(). This
        had two implications: if anything else used getgrent(), then
        initgroups() would fail, and it was consuming a file descriptor.

From: (Ben Laurie)
Subject: Cure scoreboard race condition
Affects: http_main.c scoreboard.h
Changelog: On heavily loaded servers it was possible for the scoreboard to
        get out of sync with reality, as a result of a race condition. The
        observed symptoms are far more Apaches running than should be, and
        heavy system loads, generally followed by catastrophic system failure.
From: (David Robinson)
Subject: Fix typo in licence.
ChangeLog: Fix typo in licence.
Sooo, any other show stopper bug fixes we don't know about?  If not, can
someone shout *VOTE* please ;)


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