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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: ISAPI "standard"
Date Sat, 09 Dec 1995 10:43:04 GMT
> In case anyone is just dying for yet-another-thing-to-do:
> ------- Forwarded Message
>  Process Software announces ISAPI standard
> Process Software Corp., Framingham, Mass., announced a standard called the  
> Internet Server Application Programming Interface (ISAPI) for add-ons to Web  
> servers, and said it's already shipping with the company's Purveyor  
> WebServers. A version of the program was also released for the Digital  
> Equipment Corp. OpenVMS platform, which includes a TCP/IP stack making those  
> computers Web-friendly.
> ISAPI was developed via a collaboration with Microsoft Corp., and other Web  
> vendors. Lee Levitt, manager of business development for Process, told  
> Interactive Age Daily all the major Web server players, with one exception,  

Oh yeah? When did the Apache Group endorse it? How about NCSA? Hmmm - and I
bet CERN haven't either. So I wonder who they think they are talking about?

> either have endorsed it already or will endorse it soon. "Netscape will be the  
> main hold-out, and they seem bent on creating their own standards, whether  
> it's HTML, security, or application interfaces," he said.
> What's the standard mean, then? For people who are running WebServers, it  
> basically allows them two things -- it allows a broad number of applications  
> that will be plug and play compatible with their Web Server to be created --  
> whether it's Purveyor, the coming Microsoft Web Server, or others endorsing  
> the platform. The second thing is it allows the Webmaster to write his own  
> application to the ISAPI specification and get significantly greater  
> performance than with Common Gateway Interface (CGI)" scripts.
> The ISAPI specifications are available on Process' Web homepage at   
> . 
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