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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: SETEUID on Exec
Date Sun, 03 Dec 1995 16:09:57 GMT
> > > There is a new 02_seteuid_on_exec.patch in for_Apache_1.0.0
> > 
> > I think this should go into for_Apache_1.1.0 - patches to Apache 1.0.0 should
> > be bug fixes only.
> Obviously there are some different ideas about version control.
> (Surprise!)
> I personally thought that we would just change the lowbit on 1.0.x
> until we felt we had a version capable of being 1.1.0. What other
> people are suggesting will *require* that we maintain 2 source
> trees. Not trival seeing how much work it has been to maintain 1.
> This is why I suggested adding the 3rd field to the version...
> We can always release it as 1.0.97_beta to give the warning.

This will be horrible in practice - we need to apply bugfixes only to 1.0.0,
and the enhancements must go in a separate source tree, otherwise we will not
be able to have a stable server for public release. If we don't, then any
bugfixes to 1.0.? will have to include all the experimental stuff, too. Given
that the separate source tree is essential, a separate version space makes
sense, too. The idea being that if you want a solid server, you get the latest
1.0.?, and if you want all the latest bells and whistles, you get the latest

Maintaining the two source trees won't be that hard, coz _most_ of the work
will go on in the 1.1.? tree.

At some point, we will release 1.2.0, a new stable release, or possibly 2.0.0,
depending on how we feel, and start a new experimental branch, 1.3.0 or 2.1.0.

This way, also, we will _never have to endure a features freeze again_, which
in itself is a compelling reason for doing it.

It is possible that we should call experimental versions something distinctive,
like 1.1x.? and avoid the Linux odd/even release weirdness.

And, to avoid the endless waiting for decision, I hereby call for votes on this
issue, deadline Thursday 09:00 GMT. The vote being on the following:

"Apache 1.0.0 will be copied to Apache 1.1x.0, bugfixes _only_ will be applied
to 1.0.?, and all other code will go into 1.1x.?"

My vote is, natch, +1.



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