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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: sponsorship of
Date Sat, 02 Dec 1995 01:27:14 GMT
> > I've been contacted by a Rather Large computer software/hardware vendor
> > interested in giving the Apache project a rather nice hardware package (well
> > into the 5 figures), in exchange for being able to put a logo on the Apache
> > home page saying "Powered by ...".  Before I divulge the name of the company,
> > I would like to ask people's opinions on the subject.  The only condition
> > presented to me is the placement of their logo, probably exclusively (meaning
> > no other companies), on the home page - nothing about stopping support for
> > other platforms or anything silly like that.  All of hyperreal would upgrade
> > to this new machine, so everyone who has accounts currently would keep
> > theirs, and I could add quite a few more too. 
> > 
> > Thoughts?  

'snot fair - I want that toy! I think you should point out to them that you
are not in a position to tie the Apache main server down to your machine, so
the "powered by" could disappear (if we decided to move the main server for
some reason, like, for instance, 80% packet loss from Europe  ;-).

Apart from that I have no objection (a certain level of jealousy, but no

And, yes please, I'd like a login, if only so I can move my patches to the
right directory!

BTW, if there's a sweepstake on the identity of this Rather Large company, my
bet's on SGI.

D'you think they'd be up for some hardware/software for the developers too??  ;->

Nice though this server will be for you, it does _nothing_ for the rest of
the Apache Group (as far as I can see).

> take it!  :-)
> Can you also give them my address (seriously). I've been trying to
> talk to hardware companies with machines to give away for the movie
> database.
> cheers,
> rob



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