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From Rob McCool <>
Subject Re: Patch 62
Date Wed, 13 Dec 1995 20:46:00 GMT
Robert S. Thau wrote:
> Accordingly, I have no opinion on the escape_html patch for inclusion
> in the 1.1 tree.  However, I vote -1 on it for 1.0.x --- its effect is
> to reintroduce code which was commented out of the original NCSA
> directory indexing because it caused problems.  I'm not sure I know
> what those problems are, but given the amount of time we've had to
> look it over and test it (i.e., none), it seems clear that the only
> way we're going to find out is the hard way, and that is not the sort
> of thing I want in a 1.0.x release.  (It seems clear that in at least
> one reasonable person's judgment in the past, Rob McCool's, these
> problems that it causes, whatever they are, are worse than the
> problems it cures).

That assumes that the reason was reasonable... 

If I'm remembering my ancient history correctly, you're talking about
the code that went through and replaced > with &gt; and & with &amp;,
the reason it's commented out is really stupid. The code that calls that
uses the length of the string to decide where to terminate long file
names. So when &> got turned into &amp;&gt; the code would think that
the file name was 9 characters long instead of 2. So things wouldn't
line up anymore and filenames would be terminated prematurely. I always
meant to go back and do that properly, but never got to it (it wasn't
exactly a high priority item).

Rob McCool,
Stunt Programmer, Netscape Communications Corporation
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