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From Andrew <>
Subject Apache and Cookies...
Date Tue, 26 Dec 1995 16:39:17 GMT

	a follow-up to the cookies saga:

1)	Apache 1.0.0  will only send the last of the

	Set-Cookie: foo=bar; ...
	Set-Cookie: baz=bumble; ...

	headers out of a conventional cgi script (as expected).

2)	Apache nph- scripts *can* be used to send out Set-Cookie: headers
	on seperate lines.

3)      Even *if* apache was made to use table_merge() to comma
	delimit headers written out from scripts:

	Set-Cookie: foo=bar; ..., baz=bumble; ...

	...Netscape browsers would just ignore them.  NS really does expect
	multiple Set-Cookie: headers to arrive on separate lines.

Moral:  if you want to play with cookies and Apache then use nph-.


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