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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Number of Virtual Servers
Date Sat, 23 Dec 1995 15:48:49 GMT
>   After beating the drum for this awhile back, I found that the pipe
>   to a "burster" program was too prone to failure to be trusted.
> That wasn't what I was suggesting --- it's far simpler to have a unified
> log *file*, and run the burster off-line as a cron job (preceding whatever
> other analysis tools you happen to have).

But this does not provide the VirtualHost customer to have immediate
access to log information when debugging a script for example.

>   The suggestion that Dean made a few days ago makes more and more
>   sense to me. Why not allow the server to manage as many open
>   descriptors as it can?
> As I've already said, because you'd wind up giving CGI scripts permission
> to open the logs themselves and scribble on them.
> rst

I understand that. But the lead "root" logging process could juggle
256 or whatever the max is. At some point you are going to get in
a situation that you will be opening and closing log files. The impact
of this cannot be any greater than the impact of your "burster"
program being run on 200+ logfiles every hour. There is a point when
your "burster" program will be running non-stop as well.

What about my suggestion of an alarm() in the errorlog open routine?
Is that feesible?

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