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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Number of Virtual Servers
Date Fri, 22 Dec 1995 04:53:02 GMT
>   Given that any server that would run into these problems has to be admined
>   by someone with a clue, we could get around this by suggesting the server
>   run in a group that has write access to the logs.
> ... thus, in effect, giving the server (and, implicitly, potential rogue
> CGI scripts) permission to open the logs as well.  (This is why permission
> to open the log files is an issue).
> I'm not in the position of trying to run with large numbers of virtual
> hosts here, so my comments may be a bit off base.  Still, I haven't seen
> much reaction to the suggestion of having a single log file with entries
> labeled with the vhost, for later splitting if necessary; this neatly 
> handles the descriptor hogging problem.  Any comments?
> rst

The only way I see that this suggestion would work in my application
would be if there were a "burster" running to immediately distribute
these entries. We pretty well have this covered already by using
the "|logscript" for log file. I am attempting to provide immediate
access to log information for virtualhosts, in an effort to lower
my support load for "web developers" trying to debug problems.

After beating the drum for this awhile back, I found that the pipe
to a "burster" program was too prone to failure to be trusted. I 
suspect this could be improved, but I don't see that it would save
us much in load over just having the server open and close the logfiles.

The suggestion that Dean made a few days ago makes more and more
sense to me. Why not allow the server to manage as many open
descriptors as it can? When it hits the limit, close some of the
ones that have not been used for awhile. How about just putting
an alarm() in the open routine that gets reset everytime it is
called? If it doesn't get called after a period of time, close
the descriptor.

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