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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: New httpd_monitor diffs
Date Thu, 21 Dec 1995 20:43:46 GMT
In reply to Ben Laurie who said
> The usual scheme used by mktemp is that it generates abcd.X12345 where 12345
> is your PID and X is a carefully chosen character which makes the name unique.
> There is no generally reliable way to deduce the temporary file name, the only
> way to be accurate is to get the server to tell you. Or, use a better scheme
> for generating the temp file name (for example, port number+host address is
> unique, and can be determined externally). Best of all would be to have it
> somewhere in the conf/logs area.

Thinking about it, a filename such as would be neat then
you could find the scoreboard file either for the address/port you're
interested in, or the PID because there are times you might want to
find the server based on either on or the other. You could ditch the file since it would be redundant. In fact replace it
by the scoreboard file.

Incidentally, httpd_monitor won't open my scoreboard file at all since
it has a rather interesting name of /tmp/htstatus.a000ul while the
process id is 3761 so I get the following error,

towy:~% ./httpd_monitor
Unable to open scoreboard file /tmp/htstatus.a03761 at ./httpd_monitor line 87.

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