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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: httpd_monitor problem (fwd)
Date Wed, 20 Dec 1995 22:15:29 GMT
Andrew Wilson wrote:
> Ack sent.  Is this feasible?  Could Apache's scoreboard code be
> written to be machine independant?  Or should the httpd_monitor be
> made independant?  Basically it comes down to deciding if a
> monitorable status is *meant* to be one of the features that apache
> presents.  If so, then it seems to me that a more neutral way of
> making the information available to 3rd party monitoring programs
> could be found.

As mentioned, I plan on rewritting httpd_monitor totally in C and avoiding
the Perl script totally. Why? because the C code can be made totally OS
transparent, since where the Perl code barfs is in determining how the
scoreboard struct is packed. Buy going with C and using the knowledge of
scoreboard.h, it'll be easy.

What I can do is create patches based on Apache 1.0.1... It'll be
a piece of cake.

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