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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: 64.auth_type
Date Tue, 19 Dec 1995 15:57:49 GMT
In reply to David Robinson who said
> >I think the criteria for 1.0.x patches is the same as for 0.8.x patches - they
> >must be bug fixes and not features. I think every bug fix should be considered
> >as a candidate for 1.0.x, and only left out if it doesn't work. Leaving them
> >to drift until they bite someone badly will just cause even more 1.0.x
> >versions, not less. I think the "show-stopper" only policy is misguided.
> That's what I'd prefer; we (notionally) fix bugs in 1.0 as patches become
> available, but a public release occurs only when a 'showstopper' bug is
> fixed, or when we think we have a 'final' version. Obviously we would
> optimise the process by batching up the minor patches for consideration only
> just before a publically released version.

Well, that sort of ties in with my feelings but I'm still concerned about
the idea of releasing untested code. No-one's running 1.0.1 since it's just
a set of patches to already released code. If you just decide one day
that the last bug seemed pretty serious so it's time to chuck the thing out
the door then where's the quality control for that release? Just because
it's a bug fix update doesn't make it any less of a release.

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