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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Number of Virtual Servers
Date Thu, 14 Dec 1995 19:13:43 GMT
> >I would guess you can handle around 50 at that limit. If you have
> >the setrlimit() function, the server should bump this limit as it
> >adds VirtualHosts IF you have set HAVE_RESOURCE in conf.h for A/UX.
> >
> >The problem I ran into was that the code in conf_virtual_host()
> >was not uping this limit for SUNOS.
> I think we will soon have to give up having all the log files open in
> each process. When the HTTP Host: header gains wide use, admins won't
> be limited by the number of interfaces they have have on a subnet; it
> will be possible to use CNAME records to define virtual hosts.
> Then > 256 virtual hosts will not be an uncommon requirement.
>  David.

This raises a good point. Is the fix for this as simple as changing
the log modules to open and close the file before writing?

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