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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Set AUTH_TYPE in CGI scripts
Date Thu, 14 Dec 1995 15:09:14 GMT
> When do we want to call a halt and get this fix out?  Any objections to
> doing it over the weekend.  Rob H, Roy F, and a bunch of other people
> won't be around to vote, but I think the mandate is to just get on with
> it.

Soon. I would like to see us stop accepting patches after some time
today. Voting has been proceeding anyway. Most of the patching flurry
appears to me to belong in 1.1b0.

At the very least, a couple of the patches should be publically 
available. Based on the votes I have seen and my impression of 
severity of the problem, I have supplied copies of patches 57a and
59 in dist/patches. Shoot me. (someone has to be the bad boy when
Rob is gone....)

> Ay (now wishing it wasn't the end of the week).

You're the master of cerimonies. You make the call on when
to wrap this thing.

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