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From (Jeremie Miller)
Subject Radius Authentication
Date Mon, 11 Dec 1995 20:28:15 GMT
>Forgive my ignorance, but what is "radius authentication"?
>SSL has quite nice mechanisms for distributed authentication, BTW.

Radius Auth is a distributed dial-in user authentication service used for
large dial in networks.  It works with the Livingston protmasters and the
daemon runs on most OSes.  More info at

What I am wanting to do is set up a module to authorize clients from a
central authorization server, so that:

Client 1 ---                    Some other Rad Auth Server
                                |------                     |
Client 2 ---   |--radius-auth-- Radius Server
                                |------                     |
Client 3 ---                   Some other Rad Auth Server

(I know it is a confusing picture)

Esentially allowing any remote machiene running Apache w/ Radius Auth Module
to forward authenticaton requests to a radius daemon(radiusd) somewhere
else, that can again forward them if necessary.  There are a lot of uses for
something like this.  If it already exists or is being worked on(SSL), I
will gladly use that.  I welcome ideas/comments/questions.

Jeremie Miller

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