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From (Jeremie Miller)
Subject Re: My final word on patch 20?
Date Mon, 11 Dec 1995 18:55:13 GMT
>Jeremie, did you grab Ben's (not a one liner) patch from late Friday? I
>was under the impression you were using the short one I mailed you earlier.

I saw the patch before I got a chance to try yours, so I used the posted one
which seemed the more complete solution, and has proven to be the fix for
the problem.

>I think that is the cause of the confusion, and if so, it's my fault.
>If so, my apologies to all.

No problem, I should have probably have specified which one I was using.

I might be playing-with/creating a module to do radius authentication of
users, as sort of a distributed web authentication mechanism, sometime soon
here.  If anyone has any leads/suggestions on something in this direction,
drop me a line.

Jeremie Miller

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