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From Chuck Murcko <>
Subject Re: My final word on patch 20?
Date Mon, 11 Dec 1995 15:05:17 GMT
Roy T. Fielding liltingly intones:
> > OK, we have two things we could do know.  Reversing patch 20 seems to
> > alleviate the symptoms.  Alternatively, there's Ben`s patch --- which
> > is absolutely the right thing to do, *if* his diagnosis of the problem
> > is correct.
> > 
> > We currently have a vote in progress on a 1.0.1 with patch 20 reversed.
> > I could easily build this thing.  Alternatively, we could wait for Chuck
> > (or someone else who has seen the problem --- Roy has, but he's not a
> > likely candidate at the moment) to verify that Ben's patch solves the
> > problem, and build a 1.0.1 with that.
> Right -- I won't be able to test anything for at least another week.
> I too would like to see the "right fix", but someone needs to test it.
OK. We ran 60 hours over the weekend on Ben's patch, and things seem to
be fine here. I'm 99% confident this is the fix. Jeremie was going to test
the original workaround, and if it turns out he's fine, I'd say that's the
last 1%.

Chuck Murcko	Telebase Systems, Inc.	Wayne PA
And now, on a lighter note:
Is your job running?  You'd better go catch it!

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