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Subject WWW Form Bug Report: "hard to transition to VirtualHost" on SunOS 4.x
Date Fri, 08 Dec 1995 18:02:49 GMT
Operating system: SunOS 4.x, version: 
Extra Modules used: 
URL exhibiting problem: 

As many folks have done, we've had our clients
specify // to access their home
pages.  Now that we have VirtualHost,
// will work.  But, of course, some
people will still try to do //,
which will map into ~http/foo/foo .  I've
temporarily done "ls -s . foo" in ~http/foo,
but I'm afraid some of our clients will forget
to do this or delete it.

So, it would be nice if the server would turn
/foo/foo/ into /foo/ for me.  Of course, some
people who have always had VirtualHost capability
may really want to have /foo/foo, so it's not
clear the server should always try to "fix" it.
Perhaps it should be a flag?

I assume this one is harder to implement than
the suggestion in my previous "bug report", and
the workaround for this one is much simpler.
So I'm afraid I won't volunteer to "fix" this
one (although I might do it if someone suggests
how to "flag" it, and I find the time or get
motivated by client forgetfulness).


p.s. Thanks for a great server!




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