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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: patch 20 death
Date Fri, 08 Dec 1995 10:15:27 GMT
> I've been out of touch for a week. As this is urgent, can someone summarise
> the observed problems please? (Probably quicker than me wading through the
> ~400 messages in my inbox).

ok here goes...

Apache spawns to death in most cases, possibly filling the error_log too.

My personal observations (possibly unrelated, but who knows..)

My sunos machine at Cardiff started comitting suicide when we moved
to 0.8.15. In this case the error_log filled with bogus messages
about access denied, which were recorded as coming from the same
client address. the error_log filled and took out the server which
didn't have any diskspace left to write to (we do lots of disk writing
CGI). The access denied was on html files that used SSI.

This happened a couple more times before I added a 1 minute error_log
crontab to catch a runaway error_log and sighup Apache. this cron was
catching one of these every day or three. On one occasion, after a machine
reboot, the machine melted due to lack of memory.

The machine at Cardiff had MaxClients set to 18, and still the problem
continued. When I recompiled 1.0.0 without mod_user and mod_negotiation
the problem disappeared.

Someone suggested that the symptoms could relate to the scoreboard getting
nuked, so we found patch 20 to be a candidate.
People using Sunos, linux, *BSD* (I can't keep up with these names), who
experienced the problem have reversed patch 20. So far, there are no
reports that the problem exists after 20 is removed.

We're sure the problem came in after 0.8.14.


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