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From (Geoff White)
Subject Re: New feature: TGI?
Date Thu, 07 Dec 1995 15:47:10 GMT
At 09:16 PM 12/6/95 -0600, wrote:
>> Benefits as I see then: (this is open to interpertaion ;-)
>> 	- Speed.
>> 	- Allows for complex applications.
>> 	- Any where you can put a URL (href, img, get, post, etc.) 
>> 	  a TGI deamon can be called to do something.
>> 	- TGI  deamons can be started and stoped as needed
>> 	  without stoping the server.
>> 	- Rights to access TGI URLs are still controlled by the 
>> 	  server's standard access control (access.conf, .htaccess, etc.).
>These features are all available in the module API that Robert Thau
>provided us in Apache. 

Um not quite, from what I understand this also allows you to create
portable modules, if I implement TGI for Netsite [ack!] then the modules
would be interchangeable between servers compiled for the same OS/CPU

> That was my initial confusion about TGI.
>It's basically just another level of abstraction from the module API.
>Now if it could give us the ability to load Perl or Java applications
>into a module slot, you'd have something.... :-)

Maybe but maybe they provide better doco :)

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