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From chad brown <>
Subject Re: Voting Summary
Date Wed, 06 Dec 1995 23:46:09 GMT

I tcould be set up without too much trouble on the hyperreal end, but
it'll require some (small) changes to all the client machines as
well.  I can volunteer some time to set up the server is the group
decides that that's what it wants.  It'll take some limited root
access to the server at first, but it's not so hard that I couldn't
walk someone else though it. 

On a somewhat related note, a friend of mine at Cygnus was telling me
a few months ago that the cvs network stuff was almost usable these
days.  I could look into that if we prefer.  I'm not familiar enough
with CVS to have an opinion of going that route versus sup'ing the
entire repository around.

who's about to get enough free time from work that he might be able to
start helping out for real. :-)

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