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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: New feature: TGI?
Date Thu, 07 Dec 1995 03:16:25 GMT
> Benefits as I see then: (this is open to interpertaion ;-)
> 	- Speed.
> 	- Allows for complex applications.
> 	- Any where you can put a URL (href, img, get, post, etc.) 
> 	  a TGI deamon can be called to do something.
> 	- TGI  deamons can be started and stoped as needed
> 	  without stoping the server.
> 	- Rights to access TGI URLs are still controlled by the 
> 	  server's standard access control (access.conf, .htaccess, etc.).

These features are all available in the module API that Robert Thau
provided us in Apache.  That was my initial confusion about TGI.
It's basically just another level of abstraction from the module API.
Now if it could give us the ability to load Perl or Java applications
into a module slot, you'd have something.... :-)

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