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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Voting Summary
Date Wed, 06 Dec 1995 13:34:45 GMT

> Not if you have access to the CVS tree :-)
> Hmm, I think the patch and vote thing stinks anyway which is why I'm not
> contributing any code. The changes I want to make (cleaning up all the
> #ifdef's for a start) will touch every file, include some new ones and
> remove some old ones. It's *extremely* unlikely I'd get it right for
> every OS in my first attempt and the patch and vote system falls
> flat on its face trying to do things like this.

I agree Paul. I think that in these cases, the patch/vote system will
need to flex. As you know, I have shared this same frustration in 
the past. 

I think now that 1.0 is out there, we can be a little less anal
about things going in smoothly, knowing that what we are patching
is not necessarily public.

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