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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: Voting Summary
Date Wed, 06 Dec 1995 11:57:17 GMT
In reply to Ben Laurie who said
> > A patch system works when the changes are just that, patches.
> I think the patch and vote system works well for "final" releases, where it
> is vital that everything works everywhere.

and you're just "patching" mistakes, yeah, agree.

> I find it difficult to imagine how your continuously changing source works. If
> I, for instance, go and sort out this connection abstraction thing, which
> touches almost every file, and at the same time you sort out the #ifdefs, how
> do we reconcile the two sets of diffs?

Good question, one that needs to be resolved soon.

> I can see it for an OS, coz you can say "hands off this subsystem for a couple
> of weeks while I sort out X", but you can't say "hands off Apache for a couple
> of weeks". Or can you?

It doesn't work like this. We use CVS which allows people to work on the
same files at the same time, cvs takes care of conflicts for you.

> It has occurred to me that for sweeping changes, there should be a special
> 1-patch version, which belongs to the maker of the sweeping changes. Obviously,
> whoever does this should try to do it quickly!


> I'm in favour of relaxing the voting rules for the beta releases - for
> instance, we could allow OS incompatibilities (so long as someone fixes them
> in the next round).

Things have to be allowed to be broken when you're in the wild development
stage, particularly across platform.

Seriously, this becomes difficult and very frustrating. With the current
system the only way to do the ifdef cleanup is to totally freeze the tree
for as long as it takes me to do it, otherwise I'll spend all my time
collecting patch submissions and playing catch up in my own copy of the
sources. This doesn't work, been down this road before with FreeBSD.

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