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From Aram Mirzadeh <>
Subject Re: Honest...
Date Wed, 06 Dec 1995 03:22:19 GMT
> yes, indeed, linux does have a sense of humor.  while it may be the "proper"
> thing to upgrade nearly one's entire system to a more recent release to
> get the headers, such is not always practical.  i run a production (not
> personal) machine which can't be upgraded willy-nilly.  also, 1.2.8 is
> a perfectly reasonable release for most purposes, and one should't have
> to upgrade everything just to compile a web server. too, there's lots of
> linux CD's in the pipeline with 1.2.8...and those won't go away anytime
> soon.

1.2.13 is the latest, and mos tstable.  There is a memory link in pre 1.2.11
that causes apache to go cukoo after  aton of hits.  No big deal if you're
either restarting the system within a month or so, or don't get that many

> in my experience, this warning is just that: a warning, and seems
> to have no effect whatsoever on the ability to compile, link, and run
> apache on "old" headers in linux.  the warning in question goes on to
> state that the "redefinition" is actually "in the same place", i.e. from
> the same include file, so it's most likely a complete non-issue as far
> as funtionality goes.  as for the cosmetics, well, it's ugly.

Nope, the LITTLE_ENDIAN doesn't do jack, I don't even know why we define it. 

> i'd volunteer to fix these things for my box, but i've got enough on
> my plate at the moment.  i'll stick it on my stack (toward the top) of
> "wouldn't it be nice" since i've got the goofy old version of the sources.

There are too many version of linux out there to start trying to clean it up.
I tried putting in code for about 3 releases of kernel and/or headers and it's 
not worth the code that you have to put into it.  Especially when it's just a
warning that does do anything. 

> as far as i can tell, apache, warnings and all, kicks tail
> from here to tomorrow, both in absolute responsiveness and 
> functionality.


 * Aram Mirzadeh, MIS Manager, Qosina Corp.
 * Apache Development Team,
 * Manual: "... so easy, a child of five could do this."  Boss: "Fetch
 *          me a child of five! No wonder I can't understand this."

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