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From Bryce Ryan <>
Subject Re: Honest...
Date Tue, 05 Dec 1995 23:51:06 GMT
My mailer says that Aram W. Mirzadeh said:
> >Friend tries to compile Apache 1.0.0 on a weirded out Linux box, gets
> >the following line in error:
> >/usr/include/endian.h:37: warning: `LITTLE_ENDIAN' redefined
> :-) there is a ton of those in linux... your friends needs to upgrade his/her
> include-headers.... but to upgrade that you also need to upgrade the
> kernel, gcc, and libraries all to ELF.. <-- Remeber this show?   (ALF)
yes, indeed, linux does have a sense of humor.  while it may be the "proper"
thing to upgrade nearly one's entire system to a more recent release to
get the headers, such is not always practical.  i run a production (not
personal) machine which can't be upgraded willy-nilly.  also, 1.2.8 is
a perfectly reasonable release for most purposes, and one should't have
to upgrade everything just to compile a web server. too, there's lots of
linux CD's in the pipeline with 1.2.8...and those won't go away anytime

in my experience, this warning is just that: a warning, and seems
to have no effect whatsoever on the ability to compile, link, and run
apache on "old" headers in linux.  the warning in question goes on to
state that the "redefinition" is actually "in the same place", i.e. from
the same include file, so it's most likely a complete non-issue as far
as funtionality goes.  as for the cosmetics, well, it's ugly.

i'd volunteer to fix these things for my box, but i've got enough on
my plate at the moment.  i'll stick it on my stack (toward the top) of
"wouldn't it be nice" since i've got the goofy old version of the sources.

as far as i can tell, apache, warnings and all, kicks tail
from here to tomorrow, both in absolute responsiveness and 
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