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From (Geoff White)
Subject Re: Protocol API
Date Tue, 05 Dec 1995 19:24:11 GMT
At 01:00 AM 12/5/95 -0800, wrote:
>> Is there any reason that Apache shouldn't listen on multiple ports (and bind
>> different protocols to each one)?
>	The thing is though, while SSL can't co-exist with non-SSL,
>but S/HTTP can live on the same port as non-S/HTTP. (Hell, as far as I
>understand, you can put S/HTTP through an SSL connection.. S/HTTP
>seems to be a network layer above SSL.. [hm, I said "lawyer" there.. I
>am too caught up in this whole patent licensing stuff])

Yes this is true, one could, I might even try it when I get the SHTTP
part working :)

>	that fact could lead to confusion. Other than that confusion,
>I don't see why not..

SHTTP also lets your server sign documents that are even going out in clear-text
and has better authentication then plain SSL.

(I'm not slagging SSL folks, no flames please :)

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