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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: big problem on SunOS
Date Tue, 05 Dec 1995 17:48:46 GMT
In reply to sameer who said
> > time of the SEGV and may not be of much use for diagnosis. Trapping
> > SEGV just so that you can dump the core file into a particular
> > directory doesn't seem to have any advantages that outweigh my
> > eoncerns. If you've SEGV'd then you've got badly broken code and the thing
> 	I've managed to use an apache core dump effectively to debug
> some stuff, even with the signal handler turned on. I just did a
> backtrace and stepped up the backtrace past the signal handler. It
> worked fine, I found out twhat the problem was.

It'd work sometimes, depends what caused the SEGV.

This is hypothetical but ......

you check something that concerns the intergrity of the error log,
e.g.  a file lock, that causes a SEGV, the handler then tries to write
to the error log.  Not good!

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