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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: big problem on SunOS
Date Tue, 05 Dec 1995 11:09:00 GMT
In reply to sameer who said
> > 3)	All bets are off if you've been smart enough to put htstatus.* in
> > 	/var
> > 
> 	perhaps the htstatus files should by default go in a log
> directory in a future release? .. which also leads me to the core dump
> issue. I noticed that core dumps go in ServerRoot -- but ServerRoot is
> *purposefull* not writeable by nobody, the uid of the webserver, so
> the dumps got lost.. When I was trying to preserve dumps I tempoarily
> mad eserver root mode 1777, but that's not a good way to have things
> all the time. Perhaps a LogRoot directive may be useful, which is the
> dir where all the logs go by default if they are not hardpathed, and
> where coredumps go.. (I plan on doing that for the servers)

You can't control where core dumps go, they always go into the processes
current working directory. 

I'm all in favour of moving the scoreboard from /tmp. It was a really
dumb place to put it since it's not a temporary file at all. It should
go in /var somewhere, where exactly may be a little more difficult to 
agree on than people think since /var varies from OS to OS.

Alternatively, why can't it go in the web server log directory?

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