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From Aram Mirzadeh <>
Subject Re: sponsorship of
Date Mon, 04 Dec 1995 03:14:00 GMT
> > 
> > Are we talking about charging for apache?  I must have really misread something
> 	No, but a corporation *wants* to write a check, if they are
> going to use a product. Apache could well be free, but if, say SGI
> wants to bundle it with WebFORCE, they might not feel right if they
> don't pay *something*. Hence a non-profit donation to the Apache Group
> might help ease their fears, and get Apache more widely used.

THis I defnetly don't agree with.  If someothing had a price tag that 
usaully means there is something behind it.  Otherwise there is nothing.  
And that's what we have, we're all just putting time into the project for 
no monetary return, and we don't want any.  Donations and price tag are 
two completely different creatures and will in no way effect someone running
apache or not.  

> > 
> > My question is 'what do we need that requires money? That we either don't 
> > have, or can't get from else where.' 
> > 
> 	This is a valid concern, and like I posted earlier about the
> export/ITAR stuff.. noot being an incorporated entity has its benefits
> as well. (Aside from the hassle of running the corporation)
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