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From Aram Mirzadeh <>
Subject Re: sponsorship of
Date Sun, 03 Dec 1995 18:53:21 GMT
> I disagree, if Apache is going to really compete with people like
> Netscape in the corporate world it needs a more formal organisation
> behind it becuase the people who sign checks in these places *like*
> signing checks and would rather buy a server from Netscape than
> run a free one. Having a well known hardware vendor be a sponsor would be good
> kudos as long as the deal doesn't restrict the way the project can be run.

Are we talking about charging for apache?  I must have really misread something
if not then who are they going to write checks to instead of netscape? Noone.
If we accept money, yes we can get stuff... but what? That's all I'm 
asking.  Linux foundation got about $1000.00 I belive the 2nd year... they 
spend about $600.00 to get a card for someone to write a driver for it... 
I think the other $00.00 sat there for abother 6 month before they actually
took it and did a show in Mid-West somewhere... that's about it.  

My question is 'what do we need that requires money? That we either don't 
have, or can't get from else where.' 

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