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From sameer <>
Subject Re: sponsorship of
Date Sun, 03 Dec 1995 18:00:41 GMT
> Are we talking about charging for apache?  I must have really misread something

	No, but a corporation *wants* to write a check, if they are
going to use a product. Apache could well be free, but if, say SGI
wants to bundle it with WebFORCE, they might not feel right if they
don't pay *something*. Hence a non-profit donation to the Apache Group
might help ease their fears, and get Apache more widely used.

> My question is 'what do we need that requires money? That we either don't 
> have, or can't get from else where.' 
	This is a valid concern, and like I posted earlier about the
export/ITAR stuff.. noot being an incorporated entity has its benefits
as well. (Aside from the hassle of running the corporation)

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