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From Aram Mirzadeh <>
Subject Re: sponsorship of
Date Sun, 03 Dec 1995 10:24:20 GMT
> I've been contacted by a Rather Large computer software/hardware vendor
> interested in giving the Apache project a rather nice hardware package (well
> into the 5 figures), in exchange for being able to put a logo on the Apache
> home page saying "Powered by ...".  Before I divulge the name of the company,
> I would like to ask people's opinions on the subject.  The only condition
> presented to me is the placement of their logo, probably exclusively (meaning
> no other companies), on the home page - nothing about stopping support for
> other platforms or anything silly like that.  All of hyperreal would upgrade
> to this new machine, so everyone who has accounts currently would keep
> theirs, and I could add quite a few more too. 

This is a bit late in the discussion, but here is MHO:

My questions is not if we should take them up on their offer... but do we 
need to?  Apache is not taking that much of a load, there are ways around it. ( the primary site of linux disterbution) had a T1 and was being
killed. They started limited connections, and mirror sistes started popping 
up everywhere.  That's what mirrors are for.  

If we're going to be a non-for-profit organization we really can't be selling
ad space on the front page on our home page.  I'm sure if we do get more and 
more share of the market we're going to get more of these types of inquires. 

So the question is do we really want to centerlize, and get tied 
into something.  Who's name is going to go on this agreement?  We don't have
an organization yet, so as fasr as the law is consered, we don't even exist.

I'm starting to babbel, so I'lll go back to the original question.  Do we need
the extra stuff?  Is there something wrong with what we have?  A small 386DX40
running linux can handle the pages if you ask me.  And I'm willing to supply 
the hardware and the software as well as the setup if need be.   

MHO is a -1... ( not that it's up a vote, but that's what I have to say )



			       Aram Mirzadeh,

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