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From sameer <>
Subject Re: incorporation
Date Sun, 03 Dec 1995 09:16:38 GMT
> I already did alot of checking into it.  Basicly I can be done very quickly
> but needs about $500.00 for anon-for-profit.  Or $650.00 for a organizations.
> This includes copyrighting the apache httpd server logo.  

	For some reason I was under the silly impression that it had
to be done in california. duh. What's the policy regarding non-profits
"doing business" in other states? The main hassle for a california
company incorporatiing in another state (delaware for example) is that
if you do business in california you *still* have to pay california
franchise taxes and follow all the CA rules, so it makes it tough, and
small companies are recommended to incorporate in their own
state. (Large corporations prefer delaware because of the nice
corporate law, chancery court, etc.) How does that apply to
non-profits? Can the apache-group incorporate in delaware as a
non-profit and not worry about paying california fees? (Assuming that
the main web server stays in califrornia.)

> If someone gives me direct questions I'll look them up.  I'm at the law 
> library every other night anyway., 
> <Aram>
> P.S. I'm not getting sued or anything, I'm studing. 
> -- 
> 			       Aram Mirzadeh
> 	43rd Law of Computing:
>         	Anything that can go wr
> 	Segmentation violation -- Core dumped

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