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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: The madness has started...
Date Sat, 02 Dec 1995 22:22:16 GMT
> > I think we just bite our lip and put up with this as an early bug report 
> > and sooner rather then later be prepared to get back into the bug/fix/
> > test/release cycle.
> agreed. there's no point jumping on every (minor) bug and trying to roll
> a new release. If this means holding the binaries up for a week, so be
> it. As long as people know they'll be available in 1 week we're ok.
> > I think perhaps we could wait a week.  Mind you, if everyone wants to 
> > release 1.0.1 tomorrow then ok, I can roll some binaries anytime.
> +1 on waiting a week or for a big bug. Whichever comes first.
> rob

OK. Outvoted again... I would rather wait the week and include
the modules than put out a binary set that is not fully functional.

(I don't need binaries...)

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