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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: The madness has started...
Date Sat, 02 Dec 1995 21:58:42 GMT
> > All I need is some group support.
> An alternative is to not include the additional logging modules in the 
> binaries and patch the source code at our leasure.  We're not claiming 
> to be NCSA 1.4/1.5 or quasi-Netsite compatible, which is all that 
> these modules offer.  It's a bit damned late in the day to be doing 
> this, and what happens if we find another flaw in 5 hours time?  We'll 
> end up patching 1.0.0 till christmas and beyond.

We were comfortable enough with 1.0.0 to release it, this is the one
hitch with the binaries that *needs* to be fixed if these modules
are to be included.

> Clearly we've fucked up the binary release badly.  The binaries should
> only have had enough functionality enabled to emulate 1.3, in my opinion.

Obviously, you haven't been getting phonecalls from pinheads who want
you to hold their hand while they configure an imagemap module.
It would be to all of our benefit if these modules are compiled
into the binaries.

As many of you probably realize by now, no one has every accused me
of being conservative.

> It seems we do one of:
> a)	roll the binaries back to 1.3 compliance (and nothing more)
> 	and also publicise the fact.

As you know, I don't support this.

> b)	nothing, because were bound to need to roll 1.0.1 in 2 weeks
> 	time whatever we decide to do now.

I think it is silly to wait two weeks to release binaries in order
to a revision number?

> c)	release 1.0.1 immediately (source and binaries), and publicise 
> 	the fact.  That is, releasing a set of changes which aren't
> 	tested and which have not been subject to the usual strictures
> 	and which gives people more functionality than they need if
> 	all they're doing is upgrading from NCSA 1.3.

The point of having full functionality is to avoid some support 
questions that would not normally be received. Not to be a drop
in for 1.4 or NetSite or whatever. Obviously none of use use these
modules very much or we probably would have caught this sooner...

> I think (a) is the best option, primarily cuz anyone who wants to use 
> the additional logging mechanisms will down the source, recompile it 
> and then configure the beast properly if they have half a clue.

Those that don't have half a clue will first bombard us with "why
doesn't this work" Email before whining about when we can remake
binaries that will. The intent is to make these binaries for
the 1.0.0 release only, (1.0.1 now) not every release.

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