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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: The madness has started...
Date Sat, 02 Dec 1995 20:28:45 GMT
> Lemme see if I understand.
> 1)	1.0.0 is broken wrt this functionality and here's a patch
> 	to one module which should fix it.
> 2)	Anyone using this functionality in 1.0.0 precompiled binaries
> 	is screwed.  Potential segfaults loom.
> 3)	The current version of the source to be distributed remains
> 	unchanged at 1.0.0
> 4)	The developers current version becomes 1.0.1 (including this
> 	one patch as the only one)
> 5)	The binaries are updated to include this new patch.

Not quite.

  6)    We have no binaries available yet.

  7)	It would be best (in several opinions) to release a fully
 	functional set of binaries.

  8)	If we release binaries using the 1.0.0 source base with
	these modules enabled, people will be getting cookie_logs
	referer_logs, and agent_logs created that may not want them.
	Worse yet, if they attempt to use these binaries *without*
	the config file directives to the log files, the server falls
	over dead.

No big deal. I have a 1.0.1 source release packaged and ready to
be put on hyperreal. We can then begin building and providing
binaries as well. The sooner we make a decision, the fewer people
out there will have 1.0.0.

All I need is some group support.

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