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From Andrew <>
Subject Re: The madness has started...
Date Sat, 02 Dec 1995 20:04:03 GMT
> I would like to get binaries out there ASAP.  
> I would like to be able to include this patch and the modules
> in question in these binaries.
> I have placed the patch in the for_Apache_1.0.1
> 01_quiet_log_modules_when_not_configured.patch
> I would like to call for votes on this patch *only* for the
> 1.0.1 release which will be the source for the binaries.
> I'll be the coordinator, counter, roller on this one. Please,
> let's get it done.

Lemme see if I understand.

1)	1.0.0 is broken wrt this functionality and here's a patch
	to one module which should fix it.

2)	Anyone using this functionality in 1.0.0 precompiled binaries
	is screwed.  Potential segfaults loom.

3)	The current version of the source to be distributed remains
	unchanged at 1.0.0

4)	The developers current version becomes 1.0.1 (including this
	one patch as the only one)

5)	The binaries are updated to include this new patch.

> If I could get 4 positive votes today, I would like to roll
> this.

Well, jezus.  So on the day we release 1.0.0, we have to release 1.0.1.  Cuz 
clearly 1.0.0 (source only) is just as bad as releasing 1.0.0 binaries.  I 
mean, whaaat?

Oh well.  1.0.1 is inevitable, I din't think it was going to be *quite* this 
inevitable though.  I'm inclined to:

	a)	scream
	b)	just leave things as they are and trust that people
		will pick up 1.0.1 when that really is released.

It's worth keeping in mind that there will be more bug reports following
on from the 1.0.0 release anyway, because more people will be testing
the program than ever before.  More people will be upgrading from other
systems to Apache 1.0.0 so we'll be back in the situation where Apache
is asked to do weird stuff that most of us never even consider.

I think we just bite our lip and put up with this as an early bug report 
and sooner rather then later be prepared to get back into the bug/fix/
test/release cycle.

> Any question? Backers please.

I think perhaps we could wait a week.  Mind you, if everyone wants to 
release 1.0.1 tomorrow then ok, I can roll some binaries anytime.


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