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From Andrew <>
Subject Re: New manual
Date Sat, 02 Dec 1995 14:49:02 GMT
> > NCSA doesn't ship with documentation (last I was aware).  netsite doesn't 
> > ship with electronic documentation.  Does CERN?  Providing a pointer to 
> > the web site is sufficient in my opinion.
> > 
> 	In my opinion, apache is better than all the rest, and should
> set a higher standard for itself. (Hence I think putting docs in the
> distribution is a good thing.)

I think putting the documentation in the source distribution is a bad 
thing.  Previous experience with other software suggests that it'd be 
more sensible to keep the most extensive documentation separate from 
the code.  The logistics of having to respin all the damned binary 
releases every time someone corrects a typo in the documentation would 
be a drag.

Mainly however, it makes no sense to create a dependency between the 
source tree and the document tree (such as it is).  It's clearly easier 
for David to just upload a new version of the docs to /apache/docs/ 
whenever he gets the time, and without the need to coordinate some 
godaweful neo-software release.

I think the documentation (David's manual) should remain separate to 
the source release.  I think it will be to our advantage if people 
understand that the authorotative documentation is on 
(or wherever) rather than in their local copy of apache_1.0.0/docs.


> > If enough others feel differently, we can stick this into the 1.0.0 I put 
> > in /apache/dist easily.
> > 
> > 	Brian
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