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From Andrew <>
Subject Re: sponsorship of
Date Sat, 02 Dec 1995 12:25:29 GMT
> On Fri, 1 Dec 1995, Rob Hartill wrote:
> > This conversation is interesting but it's getting hazzy. Reassure me
> > that we're not heading towards becoming sellers of Apache and that
> > we're no going to sell the project as a whole to some company.
> 1) better connectivity - both through web site mirroring around the globe 
> on the company's network, and getting somewhere near a 
> fatter pipe than it's on now.

Is that a group goal?  Are we writing this thing so's to have our name 
on a T3's boilerplate?

> 2) engineering support - an engineer or two from the company should join 
> the project in ernest.

Doing what?

> I would add that we would get more than a faster machine, we'd be getting 
> a big fat stamp of approval from the company that they support our 
> efforts and that this is a Good Thing, and while Apache does stand on its 
> own merits this might be what we need to take us to the top, if that's 
> our goal.

We are already at the top, by any and all critera you care to name.

> I will ask now - do people feel we need to incorporate as a legal entity
> before we make this move?  I would presume that any promotional contract
> would be in my name, and while a couple of you have met me I would understand
> if not everyone was comfortable with that.  

I wouldn't trust Rob Hartill with a puppy like that!  Mmm, I am not 
comfortable with the idea of one person having legal domain over any 
aspect of this project when it might be possible to find a solution 
which enables all to have a say.  I've not met Brian, I probably will 
sometime in the next 6 months, but I do not wish to allow my perception 
of him to effect my judgement.  The bottom line is that a friend will be 
in control of a resource I need, and friendships do not last for ever.

> Can someone do an 
> honest-to-god inquiry and find out the costs/legal issues involved with 
> forming a not-for-profit legal entity?  
> Anyone up for an Apache Conference sometime next year?  :)

Yes, anytime, anywhere.

> 	Brian, on the waiting list now for WWW4...


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