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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: everyone's happy
Date Fri, 01 Dec 1995 16:00:30 GMT
> > Anyone for an Apache browser ?  ;-)
> > 
> Actually... I'm sort of interested in that project :) 

If only people would get together and do it. It's not my cup
of tea, so to make it clear, I was joking about us doing it.

However, the web really does need an alternative to Netscape that'll
keep them on their toes. Netscape currently dictate far too much to
the rest of the web, simply because they have no real competition.

Work on Mosaic continues, but it's as good as dead in the water due
to lack of enthusiasm/resources at NCSA (that's what it looks like 
from outside). It was never NCSA's job to compete with Netscape et al,
so I'm not blaming NCSA for anything, just stating my opinion that they're
no longer the people to lead the way on web development.. it's outgrown
them and their goals.

The Apache project demonstrates that if enough motivated individuals
can get together, the results can surpass those of small and close
groups, (even the paid variety  ;-)

The problem with an Apache-like browser project will be that if anyone
shows a flair for the project, Netscape will headhunt them :-)


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