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From sameer <>
Subject Re: FreeSSL Webserver
Date Fri, 01 Dec 1995 18:01:40 GMT
> The trouble with calling it something completely different is that it makes
> it look like you are distributing something completely different, which you
> are not, just Apache-SSL, legalised+extras. Perhaps we could call it
> Apache-SSL-US?

	I think calling it Apache-SSL-US works for me. I want a
general agreement from the people here, though, that this is ok.
I need to get the same set before I do all the legal stuff.
	(I prematurely changed my materials to say FreeSSL after the
discussion with andrew yesterday... so I'm not going to change
anything until I get a reasonable consensus that this is ok, so I
don't have to change things *BACK* again, if something else comes up.)

	I, uh, appreciate a quick decision. ;-) (I'm getting really
impatient, what with this netscape GAK stuff, and all.)

> Apache-SSL may have been a generic term, but I have already hijacked it to
> denote my particular implementation.
> I assume you intend to stay with the basic Apache-SSL source tree, and follow
> the upgrade path?


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