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From sameer <>
Subject Re: FreeSSL Webserver
Date Fri, 01 Dec 1995 17:22:48 GMT
> Apache-SSL-usa ?

	I have thought about saying Apache-SSL Community ConneXion
distribution, but that's just too damn long. 

How about the following line as a definition:

The FreeSSL Webserver is a webserver package which implements SSL. It
is based on Apache v1.0.0, Ben Laurie's Apache-SSL patches, Eric
Young's SSLeay, and RSAREF. The commercial license includes

	This line would be at the top of any press release/marketing
materials to define what the package is. The bottom part of all press
releases/marketing materials would contain the stuff from the licenses
"This software contains ..."

	I'm trying to make this as clear and non-confusing as
possible, while preserving a nice, short, easily repeated name.

	I will call it plain Apache-SSL if that's what people want,
but I think *that* would be more misleading that FreeSSL. (I don't
like anything much longer than Apache-SSL or FreeSSL because it
becomes long and unweidly. It's a marketing thing. At least I'm not
turning *completely* into a marketing person and calling it "Apache

> or similar?
> It seems unfair to rename it and hide the fact that it's basically
> Ben's Apache-SSL. I'm not saying that this was the intention, but
> the result certainly gives me the wrong impression.
> rob

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