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From sameer <>
Subject Re: FreeSSL Webserver
Date Fri, 01 Dec 1995 17:00:16 GMT
> I believe sameer wants to distinguish his commercial, supported version
> from the freeware.  Of course, that could be done without cutting "Apache"
> out of the name completely, by calling it C2-Apache, or something like
> that...

	I was thinking about that, but "C2" has that damn orange book
association, and CommunityConneXion-Apache is just too damn long..
I've modified my package to be called FreeSSL. Could I get a vote on
whether or not that is acceptable? *I* like the current setup. The
package is called FreeSSL, and SERVER_VERSION is Apache-SSL/1.0.0e.
	I need to know the final name of my product before I can fill
out all the paperwork for getting the RSAREF license. Thanks.

Proposal: To give Community ConneXion permission to distribute Apache
v1.0.0 (once apache 1.0.0 is released) with Ben's SSL patches as a
commercial supported package called "FreeSSL" with SERVER_VERSION set
to "Apache-SSL/0.3.x" for httpsd and SERVER_VERSION set to
"Apache/1.0.0" for httpd.

sameer						Voice:   510-601-9777
Community ConneXion				FAX:     510-601-9734
The Internet Privacy Provider			Dialin:  510-658-6376 (or login as "guest")

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